Booking a couple of elite escourts in Vegas


Howdy fellas! My name’s Jimmy and I’m from the US, more specifically from Naples, Florida. First of all, I’d like to apologize for our president. We hope he won’t mess things up too bad for us before he gets ejected from the White House. Anyway, this isn’t why I’m here. I created this account because I wanted to give some praise for the amazing elite escourts you Londoners have. I have recently had an experience with a couple of them and it was the most wonderful thing I have ever done.

My elite escourts


This site is what helped me go through this great experience. You see, it was here that I saw that you can actually book elite escourts from London and have them come to your place. This, and the fact that I’ve heard countless people saying that London high class escorts are the best, have convinced me to go through with it.

I started looking for the right models and I found them on the website of a great agency (I’ll try linking you to it if I can). Their names: Akira and Fanny. Slender, tight and beautiful, both of them looked like the girls of my dreams. All the contact was made through Akira, who assured me that she could speak for Fanny as well. I asked if I could book them for a trip to Las Vegas, and she told me that, because of the distance they’d have to travel, the minimum booking time would be 4 nights and that I would have to cover travel expenses. I knew all this, so I booked the girls for 7 nights!

We met at the airport in Vegas and the girls were just like I imagined them. Beautiful, intelligent and always ready to try something new with me. The three of us stayed in the same room throughout the week, and it was the most tiring yet pleasurable experience of my life. We caught a couple of shows as well, but they didn’t even compare with the shows the girls themselves put on. And I didn’t even get to see the hotel’s casino, because I felt so good in the company of the elite escourts. Next time, I think I’ll travel to London myself, so I can get to experience even more of your models.

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